Rogue Calls in Helpdesk/SupportCenter Classic

Version 7

    Rogue calls are created in Helpdesk when the call assignments of a call are saved (written to the CALASGN and possibly the GRPASGN_HDW tables ) but for some reason the call isn't written to the Call_HDW table.


    The following error messages may be displayed if a rogue call is opened from the workload list etc...


    Error Message in an English Environment:

    HelpDesk Database 10089


    Message type: Warning

    Key Value Not Found, File : CALL requested record does not exist


    Error Message in a German Environment:

    HelpDesk Datenbank 10089


    Fehler Nachricht:

    Schlüßel Wert wurde nicht gefunden, Datei: Call angeforderter Datensatz existiert nicht


    Run the attached script to remove all rows from the call assignment tables (CALASGN_HDW and GRPASGN_HDW) which do not have a matching row in the Call table (CALL_HDW) e.g the assignments exist for a call number but the call number does not exist in the call table.  This script also removes any rows from the ASGNOTIFY_HDW table if there is no matching call in the CALL_HDW table.  This prevents assignment notifications being sent out for rogue calls as they never get removed from the ASGNOTIFY table and as a result get resent on every Monitor poll causing the LOGMSG_HDW to fill up.


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