Velocity: Verifing similar screens

Version 1

    The purpose of this article is to go over on how to  verify key text on screens that have similar features.


    when using velocity to verify screen text you may run into an issue in that some screens look similar and when displayed back to the device, display the wrong screen.. This would happen because we are verifying the wrong key text on those screen. It is a good rule of thumb to verify key text that is different  on each screen only.. Not the more is better rule.. In most cases this does not work...


    Below is an example of what can go wrong and how to over come that..


    Screen 1:

    Screen 2:

    in a scenario such as this it is common for some to want to verify as much as possible..Or the key text was selected by default with in the engine..


    Screen 1 with Key Text:

    Screen 2 with Key text:

    The scenario above would produce the wrong screens from displaying.. On the second screen we are verifying the same key text that is being verified on the first screen..

    To overcome this we must verify what is different between the two screens with less being verified to help speed up the match process..


    what it should look like:


    Screen 1 with minimal Key Text


    Screen 2 with Minimal Key Text


    As you can see 1 item is verified on the screen that are different between the two and removed what was the same..