How to Schedule Xtraction Content for Export

Version 6



    This document will outline the process to enable Documents and Custom Reports to be scheduled for export within Xtraction.

    Note: Only Documents and Reports can be scheduled for export. Dashboards are not able to be scheduled for export.


    Step by Step

    1. Once you have created the document or custom report you wish to export, click on the ‘Scheduled Task’ button schedbttn.png in the top right corner in the details pane.


    2. Within the ‘Scheduled Export’ window please provide a ‘Name’ to identify the scheduled task as well as details about when the report should be run.


    3. Within the ‘Options’ tab select the export format using the drop down list as well as a theme and additional export options.


    4. Select the ‘Schedule’ tab and select the frequency of the scheduled export.


    Note: The schedule will begin on the date and time selected in Step 2 and occur on the frequency defined in Step 4.


    5. Select the ‘Delivery’ tab to specify the delivery options for the export as well as the filename to be used for the exported document or report. The delivery options available are explained in detail below:


    Xtraction Server – The export will be created on the Xtraction server at the folder select. This export will then be available from the homes screen within the ‘Stored Reports’ form.


    File System – Create the export at the path specified. Please note the path specified is relative to the Xtraction server and not the local machine.


    Email – Emails the export to the list of email addresses specified. A semicolon (;) will need to be used to separate email addresses if multiple are specified.
    Note: This option will require that the email server settings are setup within the Xtraction Settings. You can verify this by opening the ‘Xtraction Settings’ on the Xtraction server and selecting the ‘Email’ tab.


    6. Click ‘OK’ to save the scheduled task.