Issue with Software Catalog in Workspaces with LDMS 2016 SU4

Version 12

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    Applies to LDMS 2016 SU4 Only


    An issue was found that may affect some customers who installed/downloaded LD2016-SU4 Service Update prior to 22 July 2016. The issue affects the Software Catalog in the "hybrid" app installed on managed devices (Windows and Mac) and prevents access to the Software Catalog via Workspaces. It does not impact Workspaces in a web browser, nor the Portal Manager on Windows devices. It will not prevent the client from installing any required packages. The problem only impacts clients that have also been updated. Clients that have not been updated with 2016-SU4 are not impacted.


    If customers downloaded LD2016-SU4 Service Update after 22 July 2016, they should not be affected. Later versions are also not affected.


    How To Determine If Impacted

    To determine if you are impacted by this issue, there are a few quick checks to do on a client. The client should have been updated with 2016 SU4.


    Step One: Check BridgeIT.exe File Date

    Start by checking the BridgeIT.exe file version. The file can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\LANDESKFuse. The affected file has a last modified date of 6/20/2016.

    Workspaces SU4 Version (Bad).png

    If the BridgeIT.exe application does not have a modified date of 6/20/2016 (June 20 2016), then you are not affected. If you are having problems with Workspaces, it is likely a different issue. Additional documents or Support can provide assistance if needed.


    Step Two: Validate Incorrect Behavior

    Next, make sure that your BridgeIT/Workspaces app is experiencing the problem. You may have the BridgeIT with the specified date, but it is possible the issue has been resolved in your environment already, or is otherwise not impacted. To validate that you are experiencing this problem, try the following:

    1. Access a client that has been updated, and has the BridgeIT.exe date outlined above.
    2. Open the Workspaces application
    3. Log into Workspaces (if needed).
      • It is recommended to use a LANDESK Management Suite user (a user with permission to perform actions in LDMS) as this allows additional Workspaces to appear and makes validating a bit easier.
    4. The Workspaces should load, and you should see the 'Home' view. Normally for a LANDESK user, this will be the "Task Overview"
    5. Select any of the available Workspace options, such as 'Software Licenses' or 'Security Dashboard'
    6. These Workspaces should load as expected. Depending on your configuration, you may not see these options, or there may not be any data, but the view/dashboard should change.
    7. On the left, under Self Service, select 'Software Catalog'
    8. The view should not change at all, you should still see the same view as before.
    9. Click on other Workspaces. The view/dashboard should not change.

    If, after clicking the 'Software Catalog' option, the view changed, then you are not impacted by this issue, even if the catalog appears empty when it shouldn't. If this is the case, or there is some other problem, it is likely a different issue. Additional documents or Support can provide assistance if needed.


    Step Three: Validate The Error

    Once completing the steps above, if the view does not change, or is "stuck" after clicking 'Software Catalog' then you may be impacted by this issue. To validate it is the same problem and that the solution should work, complete the following steps:

    1. Stay in the Workspaces app, with it in the broken or "stuck" state.
    2. Click anywhere inside the app and press F12. This will open the Dev Tools console
      • If you have worked with Chrome Dev Tools, this will look very familiar
    3. Across the top of the dev tools, select "Console", then clear the console by clicking the 'Clear console' button near the top
    4. Select the 'Network' tab. It is most likely blank, and that is fine. Ensure that 'Preserve log' is not checked
    5. Return to the Workspaces app. Click on any Workspace other than 'Software Catalog' and press F5 (to refresh)
    6. After the refresh, the correct dashboard should appear
    7. Click on 'Software Catalog' so the problem happens, and return to the Dev Tools
    8. In the Dev Tools, on the 'Network' tab, you should see a request for CL.js in red
      Workspaces SU4 - NetworkError.png
    9. Select the 'Console' tab. There should also be an error here about CL
      Workspaces SU4 - ConsoleError.png


    If you see these errors, then you are impacted by this issue, and the solution provided should be able to resolve the problem.



    Resolving the issue is rather straight-forward and requires only actions on the Core Server. The issue can be resolved with a patch, or manually.


    Resolving With A Patch

    To resolve this issue using a patch, download the patch below and run it on the Core Server. Once completed, simply return to the client, and relaunch the Workspaces app and validate that it is functioning.


    Download Patch (Be sure to check the file for streams and remove as needed, or add LANDESK to trusted sties. See: Error: "Unknown publisher. Do you want to continue?" when executable runs)


    Resolving Manually

    To resolve this issue manually, you simply need to create a file on the Core Server.

    1. On the Core Server, navigate to C:\Program Files\LANDesk\BridgeIT\App
    2. Create a new file named "CL.js"
    3. Open the file and put in the following:
      define(function() {
          return CL;
    4. Save and close the file.

    Once you have completed these steps, return to the client, relaunch the Workspaces app and validate that it is functioning.


    Additional Information

    If you have additional questions, would like assistance with this issue, or are unable to resolve the issue, please contact LANDESK Support for further assistance.