All SQL queries configured in Data Analytics are gone after upgrading core server from 9.5 to 9.6

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    You have configured several SQL queries in the "Data Translation Service" tab in the Data Analytics (DA) module.


    After upgrading your core server from 9.5 to 9.6 or from 9.5 to 2016, all SQL queries are gone.





    This is standard behavior as this feature has been removed from LDMS 9.6 and sooner versions of LDMS.


    Starting from version 9.6, the only place where you can create custom SQL queries in Data Analytics is Asset Manager.





    Even if this feature has been removed in LDMS 9.6, it is still possible to run SQL queries that have been previously configured in 9.5.


    To do so, please follow these steps:


    Step 1: If you still have a backup of your 9.5 core server, try to restore it on a standalone machine, for instance by creating a virtual machine.


    Step 2: Open the Data Analytics module and select the "Data Translation Service" tab


    Step 3: Locate the "favorites" folder where your SQL queries are stored and select "Export group". Then save the file to a pendrive or a shared folder.


    2016-07-24 10_53_15-Début.jpg


    Step 4: Connect to your 9.6 / 2016 core server and select the DTS tab in the Data Analytics module


    Step 5: Right-click the "favorites" folder and then select "Import group".


    2016-07-24 11_00_45-Début.jpg


    Step 6: Select the file that has been saved in Step 3 and load it.



    Now your SQL queries should be visible in Data Analytics.



    Please note that even the feature has been removed from LDMS 9.6, the SQL queries are not automatically deleted from the database during the upgrade process.


    They can still be found in the mp_addon_config table in the LDMS database, which might be useful if you didn't keep a backup of your 9.5 core server.