How to: Export the items from Trusted File List (Application File List)

Version 9

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x



    Sometimes there may be requests to list the items from Trusted File List (Application File List in LDMS2016) in an external file for reference. Currently there is no such function in the console but using the SQL query described in this document can be a workaround.




    1. From Agent Settings -> Security -> Trusted File List ( or “Application File List” in LDMS2016), right click on the target list and click Info to open the Exportable item information dialog, e.g.


    2. Take down the value in Name or Unique ID field.

    3. Log in to SQL Server Management Studio, go to Tools -> Options -> Query Results -> SQL Server -> Results to Grid, make sure 'Include column headers when copying or saving the results' is checked.

    4. Run the following query against the corresponding database for LDMS.





    TrustedFileInfo t

    INNER JOIN FileInfo f ON t.FileInfo_Idn=f.FileInfo_Idn

    INNER JOIN AgentBehavior a ON t.AgentBehavior_Idn=a.AgentBehavior_Idn


    a.Name = '<Name of the Trusted File List>'



        As for the last line, take the screenshot in Step #1 as an example, it should be

    a.Name = ‘Application file list 39’

        Alternatively, you can also the Unique ID field, in this case it would be

    a.Guid = 'WIN-I3MVQTV6EOF_v599'


    5. Go to File -> Save Results As… to save it as a csv for txt file.