check points for common base agent status not loaded;remote control actions are grayed out

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    1. On client machine, open services.msc, make sure LANDesk Management Agent service is running

    2. Check if the computer name, real IP address is matching with the info shown on core server, if not, please manually run a full sync inventory scan on client side

    3. On core server, please make sure communication between core and client is good. You could use the command below:

        ping clientIP

        telnet clientIP 9595

        telnet command will require telnet client role to be installed.

    4. LDMS console - Configure - Agent status options, select/unselect 'Use DNS' to see if it makes any difference of the agent status

    5. On core server, please open IE browser and check the result for addresses listed below:





        Please refer to Testing console to client communication and connectivity for the expecting result of the tests

    6. If any address returned failure in step4, please test those address on the client machine directly and see if it works;

        if it works on client but not work on core server, then you may need to look into network;

        if it even fails on client itself, then please check the points listed in 7-10

    7. On client side, please open Computer Management - Local Users and Groups - Users, please make sure cba_anonymous user is not disabled

    8. On client side, please navigate to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy - Security Settings - Local Policies - User Rights Assignment, please remove cba_anonymous from all policies

    9. On client side, remove cba_anonymous from local users and groups-users

    10. On core server please click on the device to check the status again, it will created cba_anonymous user and add it to corresponding policies automatically

    11. If after step 10 it works, then that normally related with your AD GPO settings. Please refer to How to troubleshoot when the Remote Control option is grayed out in the right-click menu of a computer to update the GPO and see if helps resolve issue for all client which have this issue.