How to create a chart for LANDESK Agent Health in the Dashboard?

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.x



    In LANDESK Management Suite 2016 there is a new feature called Dashboard. A Dashboard is created using the Dashboard Editor that can be found in Reporting / Monitoring module. For further information please visit our online help.



    The Dashboard is a great and quick way of displaying information, sending that same information as an image, print it etc. by adding charts to it. One chart that is not available in the Dashboard (see this Ehancement Request) is the LANDESK Agent Health. Looking through the available charts, we can see that there is a chart called Custom group scan status under Patch and Compliance and another chart called Custom group trend info under Trends. So that means we can indeed display information in charts from custom security groups, and we don't even need to create a custom group because there is a predefined Agent Health custom group.



    1. Create a new Dashboard
      Open the Dashboard Editor

    2. Click New Dashboard button (green round with white plus), I am calling my new Dashboard Agent Health

    3. Next we need to add some charts to our Dashboard. Right-click your Dashboar and select Add charts to dashboard...
    4. From within Patch and Compliance look for Custom group scan status and select it
      Click OK to add the selected chart
    5. Now you should have something similar to the below
      As you can see there is no data showing! That's because this chart by default point to Compliance and we can change it
    6. Right click the chart Custom group scan status circled in yellow above and select properties

      In the properties first click on the button with the three dots (circled in red above). This will open the Group Selection window on the right, expand Predefined groups and you will see Agent Health. Select Agent Health and click OK
      Below screenshot shows the change in Group:
    7. Finally click OK and you should see something like this (provided your clients have been scanning against Agent Health definitions)


    This document discusses step-by-step approach to creating a new Dashboard to report on LANDESK Agent Health patches. The Dashboard created in the above steps (Agent Health.ldms) has been attached to this document so that you may import on to your core server.