SDaaS Customer Service Definition

Version 3

    This document outlines the tasks from new SDaaS build to BAU Administration that are undertaken by the Cloud Care Team and Customers.


    SDaaS Hosting Information

    LANDESK Service Desk as a Service is provided through a Multi-instance architecture, with a multi-tenant platform / single tenant database. This can be represented as follows:

    The benefit of this approach with one OS platform and distinct databases is that customer’s data is isolated on single instances for the best security and lowest impact of potential breaches should they arise. In brief it minimises the risk of data leakage between customers, allows for customer specific customization and allows for upgrades and testing to be coordinated with each customer.


    LANDESK Support

    You will receive the same level of customer service as you would on premise, including membership in our global customer support community, and the ability to receive support directly from our full LANDESK customer support team.


    Responsibility: Primary contact for all SDaaS Customers for general product queries/issues including break-fix communications with customer.



    Cloud Care Team

    In addition to the support provided as outlined above, the LANDESK Cloud Care Team provides Cloud Operations support to all our Service Desk Cloud customers.


    Responsibility: Primary interaction with customers on customizations to systems beyond availability. Including but not limited to:

    • Configuration changes
    • Version Updates
    • Feature Updates


    Cloud Care follows ITIL best practices and clearly defined ITSM processes. You will have access to a self-service portal to create and view requests for change through the LANDESK Cloud Care Portal.



    New SDaaS Customer On boarding Tasks

    Project Initiation discussions

    LANDESK Project Manager or Project Coordinator will schedule with the customer and Cloud Care Team an initial call to discuss the following points.

    • Details of VPN connections
    • Details of Mail connections
    • SSO Options
    • Sizing Discussions around usage
    • 3rd party integrations


    Project Initiation Tasks

    The Cloud Care Team will build an out of the box Service Desk instance for both LIVE and TEST (DEV if purchased) that includes but not limited to the following tasks

    • Set up instance of LDSD
    • Set up crystal reports
    • Set up Crystal Server
    • Set up FTP
    • Set up Knowledge Base
    • Set up websites and resources directories
    • Configure AD security groups and users
    • Set up Background Services
    • STUNNEL configuration for Office365/Gmail if required
    • Mail configuration and set up owned by customer or LANDESK Professional Service Consultants/Expert Solution Provider if purchased
    • Basic data import connection to test VPN
    • Request DNS and firewall entries
    • Instruct Ops what to monitor
    • SSO Set Up - Additional Charge at LANDESK Professional Services consultancy days.
      • Set up LDAP integration via VPN into one domain.
      • Deploy federated app to cloud based ADFS Server
      • Configuring claims app.
      • Customer responsible for setting up ADFS server or SAML compliant server on customer’s infrastructure.
    • 3rd party integrations. Additional Charge at LANDESK Professional Services consultancy days.


    Project Tasks

    The following project tasks are owned by the customer or LANDESK Professional Service Consultants/Expert Solution Provider if purchased.

    • Design
      • Including Design workshops and creating design documentation with customer.
    • Build
      • Build work carried out based on design and Statement of Work
    • UAT
      • Manage UAT issues and resolution.

    Customer Go-LIVE

    Support of the go live and issues resolution are owned by the customer or LANDESK Professional Service Consultants/Expert Solution Provider if purchased.


    Cloud Care Team are responsible to running any pre go live preparation such as:

    • Clear down scripts of tickets
      • Incidents, Requests, Calls, Changes, Problems etc.
      • Identity Seeds reset
    • Ensuring availability for any SaaS issues on go live day
    • NOTE: minimum of 5 working days advanced notice of go live required for CCT


    Post Go Live activities

    • Any issues should be logged with Support through the support channel.
    • Any issues that are cloud specific should also be logged via support whereupon the tickets will be escalated to the Cloud Care Team as required.


    SDaaS Administration Tasks

    Owned by Customer

    Customers have access to and own all aspects of administration and design within Service Desk.

    Restrictions however do apply to Server Configuration files and SQL.



    • Customers have access to
      • Console for full Administration and Design.
      • Crystal Designer and Server.
      • Customer network drive available from Console, Windows explorer (P Drive) & Secure FTP.
        • RSS Feeds, Crystal Reports, Logos, Quick Starts, Custom HTML Content, Knowledge Files, Event Manager, Resources Directory & Imports.
        • Cloud Services:



    Owned by Cloud Care Team

    LANDESK Service Desk hosted in the cloud is provisioned as Software as a Service. Therefore there are restrictions to infrastructure for our customers that the Cloud Care Team (CCT) will retain sole access to administer and maintain.

    Below are a list of tasks that will be conducted by our Cloud Care Team. Customers requesting any of the below should do so by raising a new Support incident on our self-service web portal:



    • DB Backups
      • Automated once each day (1AM Local Data Centre Time)
      • Requests from customer: 4 per month. 1 working day CCT response time.
      • Request from consultants: unlimited
    • DB Restores
      • Requests from customer: 4 per month. 1 working day CCT response time.
      • Request from Consultants: unlimited
    • Service Restarts (customer has ability to do this also)
      • Request from Consultants / Support: unlimited. SLA dependant on case priority.
      • Request from customer: unlimited. 4 hour CCT response time.
    • Crystal Reports
      • OOTB set up
      • SDI reports set up
      • LANDESK Custom Reports: Consultant to publish reports
      • Customer created reports: Customers to publish their own reports.
    • Stored Procedures
      • Verification and application of any approved community scripts. E.g. Set Network Logins, Add Users to Roles
        • Scheduling of maintenance plans on a customer by customer basis.
    • Caveats
      • Changes made by the customer should only be made in the Test or Dev environments
      • Changes in the live environment cause a higher workload when T2L is run
      • Changes in the live environment that cause failure of the migration will incur additional charges at LANDESK Professional Services consultancy days
    • Releases per month: 1. Additional releases chargeable @ 1 days Professional Services.
    • Notice period to be given to schedule the release: 5 working days
    • Test Release: Done prior to scheduled committed release date.
    • Who is responsible for providing a release plan?
      • Customer or if purchased LANDESK Project Manager/Project Coordinator.



    Releases: Test to Live or Live to Test

    For details on Test to Live please see the following community article: ServiceDesk 2016 TestToLive


    Scheduled Maintenance and Optimization

    • Initial DB optimization
    • DB indexing
    • Statistics updates
    • Monthly DB optimization
    • Maintenance plans for table growth.


    Product Upgrades and Patching

    • Provide customer with access to test system on new product version release.
    • Provide customer with defect logs and high level testing plans.


    Maintenance Notifications

    • Reminder sent at least 14 days before a maintenance window
      • Aside from out of band critical changes


    Outage Management

    • Send outage notifications
    • Send RCA Reports and follow up meetings


    Change Management

    • Customer, Support, Consultant log changes requests via Support
      • E.g. Attachment sizes, knowledge notifications, time out values, console.exe.config. Note: Default values for the below items are modified from OOTB norm
        • Attachment Size increased to 16MB
        • Time out values increased to 120 minutes
        • Console.exe.config changed to:
          • <add key="ProductEntity" value="** PRODUCTION **"/>
          • <add key="OverrideMenuBarBackColorName" value="Red" />
          • <add key="ProductEntity" value="**  TEST SYSTEM **"/>
          • <add key="OverrideMenuBarBackColorName" value="Yellow" />
          • <add key="ProductEntity" value="** DEV SYSTEM **"/>
          • <add key="OverrideMenuBarBackColorName" value="Yellow" />
    • Change reference number sent and change scheduled
    • SLA: within 30 days and synced within maintenance window.


    Product Support

    • LANDESK Support, in order to troubleshoot issues, have access to…
      • Event Viewer
      • Log files
      • TPS Diagnostic logging
      • Read access to SQL


    Platform Maintenance Definition

    The LANDESK Cloud teams perform regular maintenance on our hosted platforms. The following document outlines the maintenance schedules we adhere to when performing monthly server patching and product upgrades to our environments: SDaaS Maintenance Definition


    SDaaS Upgrades

    Upgrade procedure

    Within ninety (90) days of availability to LANDESK's general user base, LANDESK will target Licensee to be automatically upgraded to the latest version or patch.  Upgrades and Updates are provided to Licensee at no additional fee, including all Documentation describing the purpose and function of the Upgrades and Updates.  LANDESK will coordinate Updates, Upgrades, or any related issues with Licensee and provide a suitable maintenance window for updates and upgrades.  Additional fees for professional services may be required. LANDESK reserves the right to determine how and when to develop and apply any Upgrades and Updates