SDaaS - How to Recycle your Services

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    Document Outline

    On occasions it may be necessary to restart your SDaaS application services.

    The purpose of this article is to introduce the "ServiceStatusDisplayer" application which allows to do those tasks.


    NOTE: It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the only request these actions a time that is suitable with them.




    The Application allows customers to:

    • Stop the service(s)
    • Start the service(s)


    The application can be run from the shortcut on the users Terminal Server desktop.

    If a shortcut to the application does not exist on users Terminal Server desktop, please request this by contacting Ivanti Support:


    The below image is an example of what will be presented from the application:




    “Choose server” – this box specifies server to which you want to connect.

    • Server “Application Server 1” contains inbound and outbound mail services.
    • Server “Application Server 2” contains other services like Background, Knowledgebase, Data Import etc.



    “Manual load” – loads the list of services or application pools

    “Start” – starts chosen service

    “Stop” – stops chosen service

    “Check” – check service status




    Requesting a service restart

    To restart your application services, you need to load list of your services.

    • Choose the relevant Application Server from “Choose Server” box and click “Manual Load” button.
      • If its loaded successfully a message “LIST LOADED” will appear.
    • Once loaded select the service you wish to stop and start from the drop down list.
      • When you choose the service, under the list you can see information, if service is already stopped or not.
    • In order to Start or Stop the service click “Start” or “Stop” button.



    • Stopping and/or starting a service that is already started will cause an error. Please “Continue” if the error occurs.
    • You cannot start or stop a service that is set to “Disabled”. Only the Ivanti Cloud Care Team administrators are able to change this currently.



    NOTE: If the request fails, please contact Ivanti Support:



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