How to view/kill processes running on a client without using the "Diagnostics" tool

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    How can I remotely view processes running on a client from the Windows Command Line without using the LDMS Diagnostics tool?

    • This is useful if you cannot remote into the machine for any reason and you don't want to rely on the Diagnostics tool built into the LDMS console.




    Start by opening an administrative command prompt


    • Enter tasklist /s "machine_IP" /u "username"


    • When you press Enter, it should ask you for the password of the account you are attempting to use


    • This will allow you to remotely view the running processes on a remote machine to assist in troubleshooting certain LANDesk functions (sdclient, vulscan, etc...)



    • To kill a process, select the PID from the list of running processes. For this example, I will kill taskmgr.exe on the remote machine. To do this, I will modify the command I am using to taskkill /s "machine_IP" /u "username" /IM "PID or executable name"



    • When you hit Enter, you may be prompted for the password for the account you are using. If so, please enter it and hit Enter. You should then see confirmation that the process is terminated.



    • To verify, run the command Tasklist /s "machine_IP" /u "username" against the machine again to verify that the task has been terminated.