Error adding Child Incident:Attempt to Invoke business function AddParentIncident

Version 4

    Adding a Child Incident displays an error:  Attempt to Invoke business function AddParentIncident on a IncidentManagement.Incident lifecycle object at the wrong Status Open


    Error message in german environment:

    Es wurde versucht, die Geschaeftsfunktion AddParentIncident auf einem IncidentManagement.Incident Zyklusobjekt mit dem falschen Status Offen aufzurufen



    Ensure that the status the Child Incident currently is at in its Process has the "Add Parent Incident" as an available action, manual or optional. If this is not available to the new Child Incident when you try to create it and it will not be able to add it.

    If the action you are performing is a Create action, then you will need to make sure that the relevant Process has the "Add" Action available on the Open Status.



    ITBM Servicedesk all versions