How to Manage Access to "LANDesk Remote Control Tools" with AD Groups.

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         Here is an example of how i configure my lab in a way that allows me to manage LDMS Remote Control access from Active Directory. This guide is specific to Remote Control tools, However the methodology can be adapted to any RBA Role.




              Prepare Active Directory:

        1. Create 2 new Active Directory Groups
          • LD_Console_Access - Designates access to the LANDesk Management Console
          • LD_RC_Users           - Designates access to LANDesk Remote Control Tools


              Prepare RBA:

        1. Create a new RBA role.
          • Remote Control




    (Note: CreateLANDeskRights.exe will overwrite any modifications made to the default Roles so it is important that customization are made in new roles.)




    Now any LDAP administrator can easily grant any user access to the LANDesk Remote Control tools as well as access to the Management Console (Core, Web and Remote)

        • Create New User in Active Directory (EX. 1234_Bob)
        • Add Group membership to the new user
          • LD_Console_Access       Windows Console
          • LD_RC_Users                 LANDesk Remote Control tools



    Additional Options and Information


    Explanation of Role Based Administration (RBA) rights