Velocity: My scanned data is coming in as keyboard data

Version 3

    I have created a profile in the Velocity Console and deployed this profile to a device, but when i scan its coming in as keyboard data or my scan handlers and or meta data do not function or no data at all.


    For Panasonic device, please use the following link:

    Velocity: Issues with Scanning on Panasonic / How To Manually Configure Scanner Support on Panasonic Devices


    Velocity: 1.2.104


    Work around:

    when creating a profile in the console you will need to enable the scanner under the "Scanner" menu item

    once on this page you will need to choose the type of device you will be deploying to. Currently there are 4 choices. Zebra, Datalogic, Honeywell, and Bluebird. Once the choice has been selected you will then see a second GUI appear that will offer you more detailed scanner settings..


    Once you have selected the settings of your choice, you will deploy this profile to the device again and making sure that the client is not running when the deployment happens.. if the client is running, you will need to restart the client for the new settings to take effect.