Using a dashboard as a constant display.

Version 4


    Trying to use a dashboard as a constant display always times out after several minutes.



    Some users wish to use Xtraction's dashboards as a continuous display that is always available to see. If a dahsboard is not setup to refresh automatically IIS will timeout and automatically log a user out after several minutes of inactivity.


    Setting a dashboard to automatically refresh:

    1. From the home page in Xtraciton browse to the dashboard you wish to use for display

    2. Drag the dashboard to the Auto Refresh & Cycle panel

    3. On the bottom left check the option 'Refresh Enabled'

    4. You can then adjust how often the dashboard refreshes by dragging the slider bar left to right


    Xtraction Settings Timeout:

    This value can be adjusted to prevent a user from being logged out after a longer period of time if they're not using the refresh option.


    1. Open the Xtraction Settings utility from the tools folder. The default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Xtraction Software\Xtraction\Tools

    2. Browse to the Features tab.

    3. Adjust the Session Timeout value


    Finally IIS can be manually adjusted to control the timeout values if necessary:


    Application Pool timeout setting:

    1. Open the IIS Administrator Tool

    2. Expand the open the server page then the Application Pools page

    3. Right click the Xtraction application pool and choose Advanced Settings

    4. To adjust the app pool timeout you will want to change the Idle Time-out value.



    Cookie Timeout setting:

    1. Open the IIS Administrator Tool

    2. Expand the server page - Sites - Default Web Site (this can be different if the website has been changed)

    3. Highlight the Xtraction page and double click the Session State icon

    4. To adjust the cookie timeout you will want to change the Time-out value.