How to change system/user default culture to make time format change accordingly? Such as date format in reminder.

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    The notification date format depends on the culture of system, such as US format is MM/dd/yyyy and UK format is dd/MM/yyyy.

    US format:


    UK format:


    How to change:

    Change system's default culture.

    Below example is to change culture from en-GB to en-US by running below script:

    update md_catalog set md_culture = 'en-US' where md_culture = 'en-GB'


    tps.config files located as below also need to be changed:



    <add key="SystemCulture" value="en-GB" />

    Change the value to disired such as en-US, en-GB, en-CH etc.


    Update all the users with culture en-GB to en-US by:

    update tps_user set tps_culture = 'en-US' where tps_culture = 'en-GB' 


    Update a specific user with culture en-GB to en-US by:

    update tps_user set tps_culture = 'en-US' where tps_name='XXX'


    Additionally if you want to change a user's culture in console:

    Open Console - Setting - System, Set Enable multilingual support to "True".

    Open window designer, find "Analyst9" under System - Analyst. Drag Culture to right. It should look like:

    Now when open a analyst, it should look like: