Issue: SDMCACHE location does not update

Version 5

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x



    This article discusses an issue where the client cache location is not updated on a Client/Preferred Server after a change.




    After updating the Client Cache Location (via Client Connectivity Settings) files downloaded to a Device or Preferred Server still revert to SDMcache.




    After updating the Client Cache Location within Client Connectivity Settings (seen below), the downloadmulticastconf.xml file on the Client is not updated properly.





    Verification can be done by opening the downloadermulticastconf XML file (located at \ProgramData\LANDesk\TMCdownload on the client), and seeing one of two things:


    1. The XML file shows the following line:





    This line shows that the sdmcache is still the primary Client Cache location.


    2. The XML file will be completely blank upon opening.




    Delete the existing XML file from the \TMCDownload\ directory.

    From the client device open a run prompt and enter the following:


    Once the update has completed, verify the <CacheDirectory> line within the downloadmulticastconf.xml file (this will be re-written with the changesettings task) to verify the updated location of your Client Cache.