Xtraction Component Types

Version 4



    The purpose of this document is to outline and provide information about the Component types used within Xtraction. A Component is the smallest part that may be manipulated on its own within Xtraction. Each Component type is displayed together with specific action icons enabling interaction with that Component. The available Component types include:


    Component Type
    Time ComponentVisually represents data using time slices segregated by hours, days, weeks, months, etc; these can be presented in many formats including area, bar and line charts; or in stacked and 100% stacked formats, which enables the data to be portrayed in a comparative context.
    Group Component

    Summarises data by one or more fields from the Data Source.

    Group Components may have multiple independent series, each coming from different Data Sources.

    Pivot Component

    Supports a multi-dimensional pivot by employing a row and column pivot.

    Pivot Components support either group or time pivots.

    Scorecard ComponentSummarises an entire data set providing single results instead of slicing by time or froup as in the above components.
    Tree ComponentLike the Group Component, it displays a summary of data. However, in this case, you can add multiple fields and display the summary result as a hierarchy.
    Gantt ComponentPresents data in a Gantt Chart. Similar to a tree component showing a hierarchy plus a duration in the form of graphical segments. Utilising a start and end date to format the segments against a timeline.
    Text ComponentA simple component to allow test strings to be shown. Can be formatted as a URL to allow the URL to be opened in a new browser window.
    (Record) List ComponentDisplays raw data from Data Sources without performing any summarization.
    Image ComponentDisplays an image from the server or from a URL.