How to disable Multi-lingual knowledge(article) support in order to avoid errors

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    Background: Multi-lingual support has been greatly enhanced since 2016


    If information is needed on how to use multi-lingual knowledge, you may refer to the link below:…


    From 2016 and above, the article can display different languages according to a user's culture:


    Example: The default language of service desk is English and there are some Chinese Analysts and End users. We can configure the KB to display English or Chinese according to a user's default culture.


    What the Article window looks like if multilingual support is enabled


    In 7.8.3, if multi-lingual is enabled, you may encounter various errors. Please refer to the information below.

    Analyst with different culture creates an article error "Privilege required" "cannot change localized attributes""Cannot insert the value NULL"


    To avoid these errors, you may want the article to not be localized. The article will display the same content, no matter which culture the user is using, much like the traditional way.

    The Article window has 4 attributes that need to be changed to be not localized in object designer: Title, Description, Solution, and Keywords/Tags.


    Hot to modify Article object to disable Multilingual knowledge support

    1. Open the Article object in Object designer, locate Title, and change 'Is localized'? to False.

    2. Change Description, Solution, and Keywords/Tags with the same method.


    Test the change works or not

    Create an article in Web Access.  Open the article and it should look like the example below.

    Notice that Title, Description, Solution, and Keywords/Tags could not be opened to localize. It will display the same content all the time. It is not related to the user culture.


    Bonus: How to create a multilingual version or Knowledge Article

    Below is an example of when multi-lingual knowledge support is enabled, and a foreign analyst creates an article.  A window pops up to let the analyst select which language to use:

    KB language.png

    For example, select Chinese, fill in the required fields, and it should look like the example below:

    Click “save and close”:

    Click Title:

    You may change this article's title with different cultures here.


    I hope this DOC helps. If you have any suggestions or confusion surrounding this document, please leave a comment.