VCE: Keymap Error appears when starting VelocityCE on Datalogic CE6 / Keymap file DLG_NUM_UNKNOWN.kmp not found / Keymap File *.kmp not found

Version 2


    VelocityCE 1.0.04

    Datalogic Falcon X3+ CE6


         Starting VeloctyCE I get the following Keymap Error appears:
              Keymap file DLG_NUM_UNKNOWN.kmp not found, the default keymap will be used.




    Install the VelocityCE "Universal" client for Windows CE6 instead of the one for Datalogic CE6.

    This solved the problem on all Falcons.


    Actually on the VelocityCE download site it should be easier to see, which client must be used for which device. It's absolutely not clear, which client must be used for which device:


    This information is also missing on