How to Change database default instance port from 1433 / Connect new instance other than default

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    After installing SQL server according to How to install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for LDMS , the default instance "MSSQLSERVER" port is 1433.

    When install LDMS, you may leave the Port blank and it will connect Port 1433 as default.

    This DOC is for when you need change 1433 to other port.

    How to:

    1. Open Sql Server Configuration Manager under Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft SQL Server 2014\Configuration Tools.

    2. Change TCP Port to the new Port and click OK.

    3. Restart SQL Server services and now you may install LDMS using the new port.


    How to Connect new instance other than default?

    The default instance name of SQL Server is MSSQLSERVER.

    If you use other instance instead of the default MSSQLSERVER, in the server feild, you may input ServerName\INSTANCE such as DBSERVER\SSM

    How to Change DB connect information after install LDMS?

    Open LANDESK Configure Services under Start Menu\Programs\LANDESK

    Change the Server as: ServerName\INSTANCE,PORT

    After click OK, you need restart related LANDESK services.