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    Experts are what the community is all about: Ask a question to collaborate with experts or help a community member by sharing your expertise!  Here are some of the ways we recognise the time that community members take in order to participate and assist.


    Profile Badges


    Achievements are profile badge awards that all Community members can earn. Achievements are awards based on your activity in the Community.  The different Badges have different criteria in order to earn them. Once you meet the criteria for the achievement your profile will be updated to reflect the new badge.

    How do I earn a badge?


    Earning Points and Status Levels


    When you participate on the community you earn points.  Participating doesn't necessarily mean knowing all the answers, it just means getting involved in what's going on.

    How do I earn points?


    Monthly Competition

    A thank you for community members: Monthly $50 Gift Card Contest!


    Community Leaderboard

    As you earn more points you will move up the Leaderboard.  Along with the overall site Leaderboard, each area of the community displays who the leaders are for that section.

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