Disabling Automatic Updates within Crystal Reports XI

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    How to disable automatic updates within Crystal XI


    (may sometimes be required in order to maintain a known\documented environment state)


    The following link describes how to do this by editing a registry key:





    Crystal Reports XI includes an Update Service for automatically detecting and installing product software updates (Monthly Hot Fixes and Service Packs). There may be instances where the Update Service needs to be disabled in order to ensure a standardized build version is maintained.



    How can you disable the Update Service and remove the 'Check For Updates' command under the 'Help' menu and the Start Page?








    To prevent the Update Service from appearing each time Crystal Reports XI is started, click the 'Check for Updates on Start Up' option under the Help menu.



    This still allows the Update Service to be used manually through the 'Check for Updates...' command under the 'Help' menu and on the Start page.






    The Update Service can be disabled by a registry setting at the following subkey:



    \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Business Objects\Suite 11.0\Crystal Reports\DisableCheckForUpdates



    The DisableCheckForUpdates entry has a default string value of empty string (""). Setting this value to "1" disables the Update Service.



    Disabling the Update Service:



    • Removes the 'Check for Updates...' command from the 'Help' menu and Start Page.


    • Removes the 'Check for Updates on Start Up' option under the 'Help' menu.


    • Disables any automatic update processes previously configured (such as the 'Check for Updates on Start Up' option being selected).








    The Update Service can also be disabled during the Crystal Reports XI install. Select the 'Disable Web Update Service' check box on the 'Web Update Service Option' box.