Unable to view Inspector or Properties of an object in a scope - Console Error: Connection Failed: Object reference not set to instance of an object

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    The following article contains information on manipulating your database.

    It is CRITICAL that you have a full backup of your database prior to making any modifications to the database.

    Failure to backup your database may result in permanent loss of some, or even all data.


    Please consult with your DBA where applicable.


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    Symptom: Unable to view Inspector or Properties of an object within a scope that the user should have access too.


    Cause: "Scope_ldn" column value in table dbo.ConsoleUserScope is not set to a valid value


    In the dbo.ConsoleUser Table make a note of the user having the issue and a user that should have the same scope level, note their ConsoleUser_ldn IDs:



    In the dbo.ConsoleUserScope table cross reference the two ConsoleUser_ldn from the dbo.ConsoleUser table and change the affected users scope to the same value as a working user that should have the same access:





    Restart the console and test the afflicted user.