Velocity: How To Capture Screens using TelnetCE on CE or Windows Mobile

Version 3


    TelnetCE on CE or Windows Mobile Device

    If you are looking for how to use a Windows TE client, see this article:


    How do I capture screens using TelnetCE?




    1. From the TE Client on the device, tap Options > Logging > Screen Capture.
    2. A dialog box appears, asking you where the screen capture file should be saved. Select a location and tap OK.
    3. Press Enter to connect to a host. When connected to the host, navigate through each screen of the interface.
      NOTE: Be sure to capture any error screens or optional screens in addition to the standard process screens. The TE Client will only record the screens that you access.
    4. After accessing all of the screens that you want to import, tap Options > Logging > Screen Capture.
    5. Tap Yes. The screen capture process is ended and the screens are saved to a .wltsc file. If you don't end the screen capture in this manner, the file will be empty. Screens aren't written to the file until you tell the Client you're done recording.