Announcing Support for MacOS Sierra 10.12

Version 3



    Available today, with the launch of MacOS Sierra by Apple, LANDESK is providing full support for the new Mac operating system. Even better is that the patch required to get rolling with your clients on Sierra is already generally available and will not require opening a case with LANDESK Support to obtain. Last week LANDESK made the LANDESK 2016 SU4 patch generally available for download via LANDESK Patch and Compliance.


    • LANDESK will NOT be providing a patch for LDMS 9.6 to enable compatibility with MacOS Sierra. If support for Sierra is required in your environment you are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of LANDESK 2016.
    • As with previous releases of OS X, LANDESK maintains a "n-2" support model for Mac OS. With the release of Sierra the LANDESK Supported versions of OS X\MacOS are:
      • 10.10 OS X Yosemite
      • 10.11 OS X El Capitan
      • 10.12 Mac OS Sierra
    • If you require an Agent to support 10.9 Mavericks please back up your existing agents before applying the patch.

    LANDESK Mac Antivirus Users:

    If you also require support for LANDESK Mac Antivirus on Sierra you will need to contact LANDESK Support to request a copy of the LANDESK 2016 SU5 patch which includes the updated KES 10 Antivirus for Mac. This patch is only necessary if you also require LANDESK Mac Antivirus support for MacOS Sierra. It contains nothing beyond what SU4 already has with the exception of AV.



    How to get the Patch

    Once the patches are installed to your Core server the Mac Agent has been updated, and any agents you deploy from that point forward will have the updated Agent.


    LDMS 2016 SU4

    1. In the Management Suite Console go to Tools - Security and Compliance - Patch and Compliance
    2. Make sure you have downloaded the latest definitions for LANDESK 10.0 Software Updates
    3. Search for the patch definition named LD2016_SU4-2016-0629A, double click to open the definition Properties.
    4. Download the LD2016_SU4-Core Server patch and install it to your Core Server.
    5. Deploy the updated agent to Sierra clients.


    LDMS 2016 SU5

    1. Contact LANDESK Support to request LANDESK 2016 SU5.
    2. After applying the patch you will also need to make sure your Mac AV is set to "Update application modules" to have Sierra Support. Clients need to have a minimum AV Version level of "".
      1. In the Management Suite Console go to Tools - Configuration - Agent Settings
      2. In the Agent Settings Tree go to All Agent Settings - Security - LANDESK Antivirus - Mac
      3. Locate the setting which is applied to clients in your environment. Open the setting properties.
      4. On the left select "Update"
      5. Check the option for "Update Application Modules"
    3. Follow the instructions on this document to ensure Mac RC continues working after the SU5 install.


    Known Issues

    1. Image Capture: When using LANDESK Mac Provisioning with a newly built NetBoot Image (NBI) the Capture Image action fails. This is due to an update to Apple's "hdiutil" program that we use to capture disk images.
      1. This only applies if you update your NBI to use a MacOS Sierra NBI. You can continue to use your current NBI without issue.
    2. If applying SU5, RC fails to work on Mac agents unless the workaround from this document is applied: Mac Remote Control not working since deploying SU5 on LDMS 2016
      1. To avoid this issue skip SU5 and install LANDESK 2016.3 and contact LANDESK Support for SU1.



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