Error:"<Filename> is not a valid Windows CE application" when trying to install TE

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    Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS

    Emulation TE Client (Activesync)



    When installing and Telnet through ActiveSync the following error appears on the device and does not install.

    Error: "'<filename>' is not a valid Windows CE application" 



    If you are attempting to run a program for an incorrect version on your mobile device, you will receive the error message stated at the beginning of the article. Ensure that you have downloaded the correct file to match your Mobile device OS.


    Solution / Workaround:

    For ActiveSync TE application to run on your mobile device, you must use a file which is written (compiled) specifically to match the Windows CE version (CE 5, 6, WM 6.5 etc.), the Platform version if applicable (Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE etc.) and the processor architecture used on your device (ARM, X86 etc.). Only once all three criterion are met will a program run on your mobile device.


    Wavelink ActiveSync TE was developed as an installation package designed to run on the Windows of Host PC. By doing this, the Synchronization client application with then install the correct version of the Windows CE software on to your device - meaning you do not need to worry about finding the correct CPU and CE version of the program.


    ***If you are installing TE using Active Sync you must either install the program from the Host PC using the synchronization software for your PC (ActiveSync) or obtain a CAB file for installation directly on the device.