Exception error - Authorisation failure: User is not authorised to perfrom ... operations on ...

Version 1

    If you experience the error below at any point:


    Unhandled Exception has occured in your application.


    Authorisation failure: User is not authorised to perfrom Create/Read/Update/Delete operations on MODULE/OBJECT class type.


    This message is a standard error shown when your user does not have the necessary privileges to perform an action.  To solve this you need to enable to relevant privilege for a role or group they are a member of.


    The error message will tell you which operation was trying to be performed (Create/Read/Update/Delete) and will then show the Module and Object/Function (aka class type) trying to be performed, for instance IncidentManagement.AddAssignment or AssetManagement.Asset.


    To do this open the Administration component and select the role or group you want to add the pirivelege to then click the Privileges action to open the tree of privileges.  Expand the Modules branch of the tree and then the list of modules is shown, expand the module as shown in the error message.


    If the class type in the error message was the name of an object doubleclick the Non-Process Related Objects to see the list of objects under that module and you can then add the required privilege.  If the class type was an action such as AddAssignment expand Process Related Objects and then the process in question the action was being performed from.


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