How to silent install Avalanche 6.1 Mobile Device Server / Unattended Avalanche 6.1 MDS installation

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0


    Avalanche 6.1.106.x and later



    How to install Avalanche MDS unattended (silently). Information on configuring an unattended install for the Wavelink MDS installer by configuring the install using the "-q" parameter to point to our Avalanche server.



    To accomplish the silent install will require that you need to get the siteidentifier off the server prior to running the silent install. Using the response.var file example and change the siteidentifier line to look like this:



    **You can also change the inforail _address to point to your 6.1 Server


    Command to trigger install:

    WavelinkMDS_windows_x64_6_1_106_XXX_XXX-XXX.exe -q -varfile C:\response.varfile"

    MDS Varfile sample:


    # install4j response file for Wavelink Mobile Device Server 
    inforail_address=Inforail Server ADD 
    siteidentifier=SERVER-NAME-IP ADDRESS-7b0d9334-9d65-4678-a481-223e8351e3ac(System generated ID) 
    sys.installationDir=C\:\\Program Files\\Wavelink\\Avalanche\\MobileDeviceServer 
    sys.programGroupName=Wavelink Mobile Device Server


    After modifying the response.var file install the following the script in PowerShell.



     # Declare Variables
     $ComputerName = $env:COMPUTERNAME
     $Installer = "WavelinkMDS_windows-x64_6_1_106_337-83.exe"
     $Args = @("-q", "-varfile response.varfile")
     # Modify the response.varfile to use the computer's host name for the site identifier.
     $(Get-Content -Path "response.varfile") -Replace "%COMPUTERNAME%", $ComputerName | Set-Content "response.varfile"
     # Start the MDS install silently.
     Start-Process -FilePath $Installer -ArgumentList $Args -Wait
     # Return the installer's exit code to LANDesk.