Error when reloading Xtraction License file

Version 1



    When loading a new license using the Settings tool, a user can encounter the following error:


    The process cannot access the file _______ because it is being used by another process.





    Xtraction is having an issue with where the License file is located, or it is being locked by another process.


    1. Stop the Xtraction Application pool in IIS, and also stop the 2 Xtraction services. Ensure no Anti-Virus software or scan is running that could potentially lock the file.

    2. Move the new License file to the Desktop,

    3. Rename the old License file in Xtraction/Data/Configuration to something like "OLD_License.lic"

    4. Run the Settings tool as administrator, and reload the new License file from the Desktop. This will create your new license into the Xtraction/Data/Configuration folder, allowing Xtraction to use it. If you need your old License file, you still have it.