Workspaces - Software Catalogue display

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.x



    Can't display software in Software Catalogue via web URL, but it works with the Hybrid Application.





    This is by design. By default, the end users should not use the browser-based Workspaces.


    All apps running in the browser have to be isolated from the local resources of the workstation they run on - because of that, the application running in the browser cannot communicate freely with other processes on the computer nor can it autonomously gain access to files residing on that PC's file system or registry keys. This is the way mordern, secure browsers are designed.


    Because of those limitations not everything available through Workspaces standalone hybrid application will be available in the browser-based one, they are not functionally equal.


    The standalone app can provide everything you'll be missing in the web one because all constraints that have to be present in a universal browser for security and stability reasons don't apply to an app ran by the user in the local system context. The exact process both of those apps require for displaying and using the Software Catalog is the policysync.exe to which the web-based one does not have access.