What's New in Workspaces 2016.3 for Management Suite

Version 3

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    Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    Applies to LANDESK Management Suite 2016.3


    The 2016.3 release of LANDESK Management Suite includes the latest updates and improvements for Workspaces. There is no separate download or installation required to access these features as they are included as part of the installation of LDMS 2016.3. In order for Workspaces to function as expected, the setup process needs to have been completed as outlined in the installation guide: LANDESK Management Suite 2016.3 Install Guide


    End User Workspace

    The End User Workspace has been improved for a better user experience and to help meet the needs of more customers. This is primarily focused on the Self Service options and the Software Catalog.




    Categories are now available for use in the Software Catalog. Categories have been available on Software Packages and in the Portal Manager for a while, and they are now available in Workspaces. The category is set as part of the Distribution Package properties and configured from the Windows Console. The category can have a name, and an image. Once a Distribution Package has been assigned to a Category, that Category will appear at the 'top' level in the Software Catalog, along with default categories of "All" and "Uncategorized". When navigating to the Category, only task that fit the category will appear.


    When integrated with Service Desk, Categories are also available as assigned in Service Desk, but only the first level. For example, if 'Service Request X' is in 'Category A' and 'Sub Category 2', 'Category A' will appear and 'Service Request X' will be in that category. At present, 'Sub Category 2' would not be used.



    Unselected Tag.pngSelected Tag.png


    Tags provide additional options for organizing software packages in the Software Catalog. Tags are assigned to packages in the Distribution Package Properties. A package can be assigned multiple tags, and tags can be used on multiple packages. When tags are assigned to packages, an 'Available Tags' option will appear in the Software Catalog and allow for the selection of tags.


    When selecting multiple tags, and 'OR' parameter is used, meaning packages that have 'Tag A' OR 'Tag B' will appear. Tag selection is maintained when selecting categories, and when in a category, only tasks that are in the selected category AND have at least one of the selected tags will appear.


    Grid View and List View

    The Software Catalog has multiple views available for reviewing the available tasks. End Users can switch between each as desired.

    The available views are Grid View and List View.

    View Switch.png

    Grid View and List View

    GridView.pngList View.png

    Featured and Available

    The Software Catalog has two "groups" for tasks and packages. Featured and Available. All tasks fall into one of these two groups depending on the task configuration. This uses the same setting as Recommended and Optional that is available in the task settings. When a task is set to Recommended, it will appear in the Featured section of the Software Catalog. Likewise a task set to Optional will appear in the Available section. This setting is configured on the task from the Management Console.


    Other Changes and Improvements

    There are a few other changes and improvements, mostly to improve the experience of the end user when using the Software Catalog



    Multiple tasks can be selected at once, and then actioned. Selection is maintained between views



    The flyout will appear on the right when actions are running or pending. It can be closed or opened by the users. It contains the current status of items being installed



    The tray will automatically show and hide as needed. It shows the current status of the items being installed, and allows starting of multiple items



    Searches LDMS tasks and packages, as well as Service Desk items. Uses names, descriptions, tags, etc..



    The logo is part of the Package or Category. It can be configured form the Windows Console



    Screenshots can be viewed from the 'Details' in a Package. There is a maximum of 3 screenshots. The screenshots must be image files.