Unable to add AD user | Add button Greyed Out

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    In this article we will troubleshoot an issue adding a user to the LDMS core because the "Add" button is greyed out. 



         This can occur when the user your attempting to add already exists within the LANDesk database.



        • User cannot log into the console
        • Users are unable to access Landesk Features




    To resolve this we will need access to the database server. First we have to do a little discovery to identify what values we need to update in the users record directly.


      1. First we need to identify the IDN number of the LDAP source configured on the core. The best way to do this is to look at the records from other users. To do this we need to run the following query:
        • Select ConsoleUser_Idn,UserName,UserType,APM_LDAP_SERVER_IDN from ConsoleUser

      2. Be sure to take note of the results. Its helpful to grab a screenshot here:
      3. Next lets identify the ConsoleUser_Idn number of the user that is unable to login. In this example our effected user is LDLAB\1234_Bob
        • Select ConsoleUser_Idn,UserName,UserType,APM_LDAP_SERVER_IDN from ConsoleUser WHERE UserName = 'LDLAB\1234_Bob'

          Note that the UserType and APM_LDAP_SERVER_IDN are NULL. This means that the user exists but there is no available source to authenticate the user against.

      4. Lets update the record:
        •   We know from step 2 that our functional users APM_LDAP_SERVER_IDN number is 1 and our effected users ConsoleUser_Idn number is 6 and the UserType should be 0 so our update query looks like:
        • Update ConsoleUser

          Set UserType = 0,APM_LDAP_SERVER_IDN = 1

          WHERE ConsoleUser_Idn = '6'

      5. That change should do the trick. The "Add" button will remain greyed out but the user should now be able to login to the console