Dashboard component error - "Cannot find column -1"

Version 2


    An Analyst is using Xtraction via Google Chrome, and leaves Xtraction running in their browser while completing the upgrade server-side.  Upon successful completion of the upgrade, they go back to their existing Xtraction session and attempt to utilize any dashboards.  They might see some queries load without issue, but others throw an error.  In debug mode, or viewing the application log on the server, you would see the following error:


    System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Cannot find column -1.

       at System.Data.DataColumnCollection.get_Item(Int32 index)

       at SqlDataEngine.Model.Data.IndexedDataTable.GetRowValues(Int32 columnIndex, String dataItemFieldType)

       at SqlDataEngine.Model.Data.IndexedDataTable.SortRowIndexOnValue(String sort, String dataItemFieldType, Boolean sortOnRowTotal, Int32 sortColumnIndex)

       at SqlDataEngine.DataProvider.GroupComponentDataProvider.SortData(IndexedDataTable data, GroupComponent component)

       at SqlDataEngine.DataProvider.GroupComponentDataProvider.PerformPostProcessing(IndexedDataTable data, GroupComponent component)

       at SqlDataEngine.DataProvider.GroupComponentDataProvider.GetData(GroupComponent component)

       at SqlDataEngine.DataProvider.GroupComponentDataProvider.GetDataXml(GroupComponent component)

       at SqlDataEngine.Services.Components.GroupComponentService.GetDataXml(GroupComponent component)

       at Xtraction.Web.Services.SqlDataEngineWebService.GetGroupComponentData(GroupComponent component)



    This has recently been seen a few times after upgrading an Xtraction environment.  It is caused by data still being cached within a web browser that was running Xtraction prior to the upgrade. Clear the client-side browser cache (for example, in Chrome, make sure to clear "cookies and other site and plugin data" | Located in Settings > Clear browsing data)