LANDESK Service Desk 2016.3 Release Information and Useful Links

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x

    Release Information


    LANDESK Service Desk version 2016.3 was released on October the 18th 2016
    This is a full release with various problem fixes and enhancements.



    How to obtain LANDESK Service Desk 2016.3:

    Download links for Service Desk 2016.3 are available to customers with a current maintenance agreement:

    Downloads for IT Service Management


    For customers not yet using Service Desk 2016 or above please contact your account/sales/partner contact to obtain the new license file required.

    Support will not be able to provide you with the software or license but can assist in finding who to contact if you are unsure.



    New Features and other Documentation:

    For all help information, please see our Help Portal

    To download a full set of .pdf files of our Documents in any supported language and version, see our Product Documentation Site



    Design Apps in the spot light:

    Service Portfolio Design App. Design, build, create, and publish services as part of a process. The app is freely available from the Design App Store.



    Considerations before upgrading:

    • If you are upgrading from a version previous to 2016.1 then you will need to make configuration changes to your Event Manager and RSS Generator Services in order to comply with the new Framework configurations:
      Event Manager & RSS Generator now runs under main Framework - Service Desk 2016.1
    • Starting with version 2016.2 Service Desk requires a new license as the license structure will have changed with this release. Licenses prior 2016.2 will not work correctly. User with Access to LANDESK Software Licensing Portal can download their new licenses from there. Please make sure that you have a valid license before upgrading.
    • There has been constructional changes to the Configuration Management / Asset Management Modules in 2016.2. Due to this, you will need to rebuild your Service Catalogue after upgrade to 2016.2 in order to work with your Configuration items.


    Useful Documents:


    Installation / Upgrades: