Features and Compatibility EOL Matrix for Management and Security Suite

Version 17

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x

    This document identifies features for LANDESK Management and Security Suite which will be deprecated over time and the features that replace them.

    Features that are not listed below which are shipped with the product are not considered End of Life unless otherwise noted.


    bluecheck.pngSupported: The feature is shipped and as needed the feature is sustained by Service Updates.
    graycheck.pngLegacy: The feature is still shipped with the product however it will be deprecated over time & is no longer regularly sustained through Service Updates.
    TBD.JPGTo Be Determined: The End of Life schedule is still being mapped out for the feature.
    EOL.JPGEnd of Life: The feature is no longer shipped with the product or maintained for that release.


    FeatureReplacement Feature
    LDMS 9.6
    LDMS 2016.0LDMS 2016.3LDMS 2017.1
    Custjob (manage custom scripts)Software Distribution / Provisioningbluecheck.pnggraycheck.png
    Portal ManagerPortal Managerbluecheck.pngbluecheck.png
    Legacy Remote ControlHTML Remote Controlbluecheck.pngbluecheck.png
    Data Analytics WMI rules scanInventory Scanner now runs wmirulesscanner by defaultbluecheck.pngbluecheck.png


    ** Portal Manager is no longer a Legacy Feature as of LDMS 2017.1 and is subject to receive enhancements and fixes similar to other Features not on the EOL list as deemed by Product Management.