Outbound mail service log error Status emails

Version 4


    If a message continues to fail sending and is in response to an email with "Status:<incident id>" in the subject it is attempting to reply with a status report for the specified incident but failing.  See below for full error message as in the log.

    Processing User Messages ....


    <Subject Re: Status:36 - Test >

    <Body  >

    <Report 0067c79a-4318-4a8e-9150-27cb81a0bb4d >

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.



    Or instead of Object reference not set:

    Invalid index. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8002000B (DISP_E_BADINDEX))



    This means a report has not been chosen to send or the report is not properly configured.  The is configured in the Mail component of Console.   In the tree, expand Mappings and select your mapping, then on the mapping settings edit the Outbound Report section for the report you wish to use.


    If using a Crystal report you must browse to the file which will be relative to the client running Console, however this path must also be valid from the server running the Outbound Mail Service.  In addition, the Outbound Mail configuration file must have the same SQL login credentials as the report, these can be set using the TouchpaperPasswordTool.exe in the LANDesk Applications folder in 7.5 and later this is the Service Desk\AppService folder.  The Crystal report must take three parameters: ProcessID, ClassTypeName and RaiseUserName, these are all Strings.  The report should have selection against the ProcessID field (pm_id) to ensure only data relating to the requested IPC is returned.


    Please note: Emails with a subject of 'Status:123' will only attempt to send a report to a User if they are the specified as the Raise User on the IPC, a report can not be requested by anoyone else, not even the Assignee or Creation User.



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