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    LDMS 2016.3 - LANDESK Management Suite / Security Suite version 10.1

    A note on product version:


    • LDMS 2016.3 is the latest revision of the LDMS 2016 product. This release contains both fixes and features similar to some of the SPs released previously. Future product sustainment and patches for LDMS 2016 will require LDMS 2016.3 to be installed first.
    • The name of this release is LANDesk Management Suite 2016.3 and the product version is 10.1.  You may see or hear it referred to by either name. 


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    LDMS no longer uses Wavelink Avalanche(AOD) for MDM.  If you have version 9.6 or older devices enrolled in Avalanche already, they will need to be re-enrolled before being able to be managed from the LDMS 2016.3 console. More information can be found at Getting Started with Mobility LANDESK Management Suite 2016 & 2016.3




    Please check the prerequisites document listed above before installing to help prevent issues with install and licensing.

    LDMS 2016.3 can be downloaded from the Systems and Security Download page. Direct links are provided below for convenience.  Before downloading you will need to be logged into the LANDesk Community.


    LANDESK Management Suite / Security Suite 2016.3 Download links:

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