How to: Pre-populate windows (assignment, note etc) with place-holders within a process

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    Requires Access To:

    Service Desk Console


    How To:

    In this article we'll go step by step through the following questions:

    • How can you pre-populate a window with text within a process as you can with a template?
    • How can you put in text related to the current process such as an incident ID or description?


    Step by Step:

    In this example we are going to pre-populate an incident assignment with the Incident ID.


    1. Open Process Designer and your process
    2. De-activate the life-cycle if you want to amend it. You can as well make a copy of it and a perform full backup before proceeding.
    3. Drag and drop an automatic action on the process (in this case "Add Assignment"). You can arbitrary choose one of the below actions.
      Assignment actions.png
    4. To pre-populate these assignments select them in the process > In the properties panel click the Action Instance Data option > Then click on the “…” button that appears.
      You can also double click on the action

      This will open the assignment window and allow you to fill in any fields with text and tick any boxes to automatically notify the assignee or originator for instance.
      Opening Action Instance window.png

    5. In the Title field type the string "Assignment for incident:". We want now to add the reference number of the attached Incident.

    6. Right click at the end of the field, three choices are displayed:
      • Value Type: This shows a list of "Assignment" attributes and will replace the full value of the field (In this case, Title)
      • Place holder: This shows a list of attributes from the current process object (here Incident) and will add the selected attribute value to the current string
      • Calculation: This shows the BOO calculation editor and the field value (Title) will be replaced by the calculation result

        Select "Insert place holder" and select for instance the "ExtendedID" (Here, it's the Incident extended ID)

    Adding placeholder.png


    You see now "Assignment for Incident {ExtendedId}", the text between the curly brackets will look for the value of the attribute ("ExtendedID") from the related process object ("Incident").


    Additional Information:

    • This applies only for automatic actions. You'll not see any contextual menu upon right-clicking in manual actions fields.
    • Bear in mind that place-holders are different from value types since they don't replace the full field value and don't show the same attributes as mentioned above.
    • Place-holders are used to automatically populate some part of texts (reminders' description, assignments, etc.)