LANDESK ESA (Endpoint Security Audit) V3.4 User Guide and install file (en-US)

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    Thank you for your support and cooperation on our ESA products. Endpoint security audit system is based on real time user operation recording, which can effectively help companies master the non-standard behavior of employees, improve audit efficiency afterwards, with the fastest and most effective way to reduce corporate losses, avoid legal and commercial risks.


    Through the monitoring on device, including documents operations, print monitor, desktop screen capture, it can trace related operation on every device, making all the operations visible, able to be queried, and traceable.

    • Lifecycle Log
    • Profile Log
    • File Operation Log
    • Printer Log
    • Screen Log
    • Application Log
    • Active Title Log
    • Clipboard Log
    • Disk Drive Log
    • Web Access Log
    • File Access Log
    • ESA Portal
    • LDMS Reports


    An updated version of ESA3.4 has been release.


    This version is mainly to fix bugs based on previous ESA3.4

    1. Fix agent could not work well when failed to connect to ESA core server which used https protocol and host name as server address
    2. Fix No data display by content search in Lifecycle log
    3. Log content alert of Lifecycle log cannot work well in console/portal


    PS. ESA 3.4 is not support LDMS 10/2016.


    For more information, please refer to release notes


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