How To: Move a process on via email (ie. resolve an incident)

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    How To:

    In this article, we are going to review how to move on a process via an email.


    Step by Step:

    From ITBM 7.2.4 the functionality exists within Process Designer to reliably move on a process based on the contents of an email.  This is down to the new "contains" operator available in process conditions, which allows a process to check after a note is added if the Title contained a keyword.  The following steps are an example of how to edit the OOTB Rich Incident process to close an incident if an email is received with the normal "Update: 123" subject but also the keyword "(CLOSE)", ie. "Update: 1234 (CLOSE)".


    1. Within Process Designer create a new Condition under Incident:

      • Attribute/Collection/Object - Notes
      • Object Attribute - Title
      • Comparison - Contains
      • Condition - Latest Value
      • Value Type - Specific value
      • Value - (CLOSE)

    2. In the incident process add a new decision using the new condition after the Add Reminder which follows the Add Note action.

    From the Yes branch of the decision add an automatic closure action to close the incident, link the No to back to the Open status.


    The process will now check after any note had been added (via mail or otherwise) and close the incident if required.


    ITBM 7.2.4 onward