Xtraction Downloads & Instructions

Version 41

    Xtraction 2017.2 is available for customers and partners as of August 3rd, 2017


    This quarterly release encompasses:


    Note: There has been an issue reported where upgrading from a previous version of Xtraction installed in a non-default location (outside of C:\Program Files (x86)\Xtraction Software\Xtraction) caused the upgrade to fail. This is currently under investigation by the development team. If this criterion fits your environment we suggest waiting to upgrade until this issue has been resolved.


    New Features:

    • Ability to export Dashboards into a template
    • Ability to set the column width when exporting list components
    • Ability to configure additional ADO.Net Connectors in the Settings application
    • Ability to configure additional database support in the Settings application
    • Ability to refresh Dashboards every 5 seconds
    • Additional logging
    • Automatic reloading of data models and settings.
    • Initial Deployment of Workspaces UI
    • Repeating column headers on all pages when exporting components with header


    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed issues where upgrading to 2017.1 caused alerts to no longer function


    Download Links:

    1. Download Xtraction - for new installations and upgrades of previous Xtraction versions
    2. Report Builder - for installing the Report Builder Windows application on workstation
    3. Data Model Editor - for installing the DME on workstations (instructions found in the attached Xtraction Upgrade Instructions document)


    Xtraction 2017.2 Documents & Instructions:


    Xtraction Administrator Guide

    Xtraction User Guide


    The attached documentation pack includes:

    • Data Model Editor Guide
    • Import/Export Guide
    • Installation Guide
    • Installation Requirements
    • New Features Documentation
    • Partner Branding Process Guide
    • Report Builder Guide
    • Upgrade Guide


    Note: Installing Xtraction on a Domain Controller is not supported.

    Note: Xtraction cannot be installed on the same server as Management Suite or Service Desk.


    Archived/Historic Versions:

    Xtraction Download Archive (v2017.2 and earlier)