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Version 78

    Xtraction 2018.4 is available for customers and partners as of November 29, 2018.


    This quarterly release encompasses:


    New Features::

    • Fixed issues found in 2018.0, 2018.2, 2018.3 and previous versions.


    Bug Fixes:


    110413 - Null values are treated inconsistently 

    135250 - Text Component URL should be case sensitive

    210263 - Alert user roleId does not exist for AD authentication

    266592 - Scroll bars showing when not needed: scrollbar at the bottom of the UI and at bottom of group-grid component

    266888 - Image component always scales image to component

    266890 - View records component option is not working

    266909 - Group component displays invisible series on some view types

    266991 - Unchecked Show collapsed option not working on pivot component

    268018 - XTR 2018.1-FRA/RUS/CHT/ITA - TRUNC-Group Component tabs don't fit in Info panel - make wider

    268070 - XTR 2018.1-RUS/JPN/DEU/ESP/PTB/FRA -Trunc Summary dropdown list in Data tab in Add Threshold Alert

    269568 - XTR 2018.1-ENU - New Filter Contextual Menu missing items sometimes

    269778 - Image doesn't repeat under certain conditions

    288217 - Database Connection window malformed in Chinese

    330521 - Xtraction - Unable to use a Variable Parameter as a Filter for Document Components

    330541 - Xtraction - Cannot export 'viewed records'

    334091 - When using the color white with scheduled reports, black is used instead

    363203 - Auto refresh & Cycle, Save as Favorite doesn't work

    427809 - In Xtraction 2018.0 it is not possible to schedule the document with template (the option is grayed out)

    427832 - SLA Trend Component (Time Component with Calculated Series) is not showing results and the error message shows. An error has occurred during processing. Please try again. If this continues to occur, please contact the application administrator

    431191 - Similar to duplicate list component issue:? : Dashboard builder: Add Filter shows 2 overlapping popup menus

    431193 - Scheduled Document Export with Parameter

    432354 - Remove the unnecessary component pieces from xtraction

    433137 - XTR2018.2-ENU-FUNC - Schedule Dashboard-Save and Cancel button is not displayed with Screen Resolution (1280X800)

    435252 - Scheduled task based on the document with variable parameter not being processed

    439594 - Documents with variable parameters, when opening, the dialog box shows to enter value for the parameter and the error message shows as well at the same time

    441284 - Wrong filtering using Filter Components (Replace) when series is hidden

    443123 - Scheduled Tasks Delivery via email Fail when password is empty

    444920 - Clear conditions does not work unless you reset filter

    444926 - Dialog popup boxes are not moveable like they were with flash

    444946 - Can't minimize or maximize ribbon

    445890 - Data Grid: Config Item component issue: Column header missing when expanding row

    447263 - Successfully exported doc\dashboard to PowerPoint has incorrect aspect ratio for chart

    447375 - Changing Date Condition on Time Component Series Shows Add Condition dialog twice

    447387 - Tree component output option show collapsed does not work

    447660 - With a Bubble chart, the export image is missing bubbles

    447693 - Exported list shows all columns, not just selected columns via Default Columns dialog

    447737 - Parameters added to new report don't show in list

    447745 - No way to re-order row pivots

    447747 - Scorecard component series filter loads with conditions collapsed

    447764 - Export Report dialog needs styling

    447766 - Cannot export report builder data source

    447768 - Cannot download current report template

    450400 - Exporting scorecards changes font and removes background colors

    450916 - After modifying the columns in the List Component, they do not show up in Properties until saved and reopened

    450921 - Adding a Series or Calculated Series and then cancelling causes the series to be added anyway

    451816 - IE - Add field condition dialog is broken on IE

    451826 - IE - Edit condition dialog is broken

    451831 - List Component - changing the column sort order doesn't change until the dashboard is saved

    451832 - IE - Add variable conditions dialog is broken

    451841 - A Document's notes cannot be edited

    451895 - Text on grid headers too dark on blue theme

    452091 - Document dialog shows blank Title when document has a title

    452105 - Scheduling - the green/grey square displaying the status of the service is not working

    452110 - Schedule - When you edit a schedule task, the format is not retained and it is set to select again

    452128 - License Editor - View Only checkbox does not limit license edition selection

    452160 - Stored Reports - Non-admin user can edit stored report folder permissions

    452211 - Cannot export report with template

    452738 - When using the option to View the Records on the Document based on Time Component with Variable Parameter, the error message shows and the results are not being displayed

    452818 - Details dialog blank for Scheduled Task History items

    453066 - Template is not being applied to the Scheduled Report

    455239 - The "Use Template" checkbox's state is not retained when editing a Report Scheduled Task

    455560 - Switch Export chart font from 8pt to 10pt font

    457912 - Cannot edit sub-queries after saving them

    458527 - User selection control dialog opening twice

    458976 - Exported Pivot components are not expanded

    458989 - Pivot charts - time group - grid - not taking the full height and width and hiding data with scrollbars

    461567 - Opening a Document with a Parameter in the designer opens the Parameter entry dialog twice

    461568 - Editing a Scheduled Task requires you to reselect a Delivery folder again

    461750 - Unable to edit/remove single parameter

    461765 - If the datasource is changed, you can get into error loops in the console

    461842 - Documents fail to load upon editing

    462637 - Context menu duplicated in Dashboard Builder filter control

    462643 - Table in Bubble Chart export includes chart legend colors

    463466 - Issue with incorrect date and no data showing on the component with two series when one series is hidden and the order of series is changed and also when using the option to View Records

    463467 - Session timeout setting not working

    463468 - On the dashboard with one component containing two series and when one series is hidden, no data is displayed and the error message is showing

    463469 - When setting the date condition in series (e.g. in Time component), you have to repeat the action of setting the date condition twice

    463497 - Dashboard Builder - Exception thrown in filter control after selecting data source

    463569 - Test upgrade with bad 2017.1 Guid in the registry

    464818 - Exporting a dashboard with list component using Default Columns does not use the default sort fields

    464819 - Exporting a List control that's using Admin Default Columns via Scheduled Task, does not use the Admin Default Columns or sorting

    464827 - Adding a Date Condition no longer shows in the Designer Default Filter control

    464875 - Sub query condition dialog - Add filter dialog shows 2 popup context menus

    464912 - Pivot export - 'Total' column is missing from the export

    466407 - On the dashboard with one component containing two series (from Time components), the date on one series (when hovering the column) does not match the date on the record list when using the option to View Records

    466408 - Error message is showing when using the option 'EXPORT REPORT BUILDER DATA SOURCE' in Report Designer

    466409 - When adding the Sub Query Condition, the dialog box is visible only partially (OK and Cancel buttons are not visible)

    466410 - Xtraction: Export to Excel date format incorrect

    466773 - Report Scheduled Export: Dialog does show a default export format

    467849 - Group component dialog - Enable YAxisRange text box only when the YAxisRange checkbox is checked

    467852 - Pivot grid export - Exported file is missing field columns header

    470389 - Adding a Time Pivot in the Row list of a Pivot Component, causes an error in the backend

    470448 - Exported documents get each components data two times

    471177 - Exporting Time Components to PNG/CSV/Excel does not work

    471241 - When Hide 0's option (to suppress 0's) has not been selected and 0's appear on the Xtraction GUI, when exporting the dashboard, the 0's are missing in export file (e.g. Word or Excel)           

    471243 - When exporting dashboard with Time or Group Component (Grid) and the Grid contains two or more columns (or two or more rows), only one column (row) is being exported (e.g. to Word or Excel file)

    471306 - Pivot grid - Checking 'Show as group header' throws a lot of errors in the conole

    471307 - Pivot grid - Show value checkbox in the output tab not working

    471310 - Pivot grid - When a row header is collapsed, the row should show the sum of the individual columns

    472665 - Right justify Pivot cell data

    474071 - Insert some space between the username and ivanti logo in Footer

    474478 - Pivot grid - Show percent row/column option is not working

    474875 - When exporting from Extraction to Excel, the 'Created 'and 'Total' rows appear in export file

    476175 - Can't edit parameter values in scheduled report

    476200 - Update the Session Timeout if still at Default of 5 minutes

    478459 - Modified List columns cause duplicate columns in Export

    478977 - Allow same user on same machine to login multiple times and use only one license

    479426 - Only show row totals if ShowRowTotal is true

    479533 - Export file 'footnote' is wrong

    479552 - Powerpoint export has Created date twice

    479559 - List component doesn't always draw the first time shown

    479687 - Text component - Test url button in text component series is not working

    479708 - RecentItems will always fail due to uninitialized variable

    479709 - Edge - list-select-field-selection-dialog shows unwanted scrollbars

    479711 - Change Password: Incorrect current password takes user to logout page

    479722 - Edge - multi-group-component-series-dialog showing unwated scrollbars

    479727 - postBlob() and getBlob() error handling does not work properly

    479734 - Time Grid's export does not display Series Summaries

    480166 - Collapse\Expand button not showing tooltip

    480289 - Scheduler fails on certain Daily, Weekly, Monthly conditions

    480293 - Scheduled export dialog - width grows and shrinks

    480336 - Time component calculated series - Add padding between the textbox and button

    480778 - Summary count is missing from the bottom of Tree excel export

    480865 - List component is editable when dashboard in non-edit mode

    481614 - Alert schedule fails with Daily trigger on certain locales

    481623 - Document scheduled export to XLSX fails

    482369 - Export Time Component with trendline creates empty file

    482374 - Fix Pivot Export failure due to null values in data


    Note: We recommend installing 2018.4 on a development server prior to completing an upgrade of an existing installation.

    Note: Installing Xtraction on a Domain Controller is not supported.


    Download Links:

    1. Download Xtraction 2018.4 - for new installations and upgrades of previous Xtraction versions
    2. Report Builder 2018.4   - for installing the Report Builder Windows application on workstation
    3. Data Model Editor 2018.4   - for installing the DME on workstations (instructions found in the attached Xtraction Upgrade Instructions document)


    Archived/Historic Versions:

    Xtraction Download Archive (v2018.3 and earlier)



    Xtraction 2018.4 Documents & Instructions:


    Xtraction Administrator Guide

    Xtraction User Guide


    Xtraction Downloads & Instructions


    Note: Installing Xtraction on a Domain Controller is not supported.