Xtraction 2018.0 Downloads & Instructions

Version 36

    Xtraction 2018.0 is available for customers and partners as of February 13, 2018.


    This major release encompasses:


    New Features::

    • HTML5 replaces Flash infrastructure


    Bug Fixes:

    • 140313 - Filters doesn't show live after you create one
    • 125929 - Saving alert with http request field empty shows message with variable empty or unset
    • 101001 - Creating/Editing multiple scheduled export tasks results in the last exported format being seen on all tasks in the UI
    • 121701 - Data Source Records Containing Non-Standard English characters Do Not Display
    • 90159 - Chinese characters not shown in dashboards
    • 140076 - Have XtractionSettings clear extra comma's from settings.dat
    • 102443 - Web.config missing after upgrade from 2016.2
    • 79444 - Datamodels are missing localization strings, and using other strings in their place
    • 79557 - Marval MSM Authentication stopped working with 2016.x
    • 79578 - Overwriting datamodel.dat not reflected in Xtraction Client
    • 266886 - Report copy to clipboard button's link url does not work
    • 274142 - Components do not show in the correct spots when exporting a dashboard with a template
    • 86458 - Following upgrade to 2017.1 2 of the 3 interval types for alerts no longer work
    • 99071 - Upgrading to 2017.1 from 15.1 in a non-standard install location results in failure
    • 125418 - Xtraction appending usernames
    • 94729 - Xtraction - Error ‘Variable xxxx not found’ when creating a data policy with a variable condition filter
    • 135002 -  Remove iPad app from App Store
    • 130729 - Using special characters in database connection password results in error
    • 81927 - ServiceNow - Last Column of Time Component does not report properly
    • 80100 - If filter contains Chinese Characters, the filter does not work
    • 80266 - Service Desk adapter Has Incorrect Logic Surrounding Incident Survey and Survey Views
    • 103347 - 'Class Type Equals Incident' filter breaks the views when running against a non-English LDSD DB


    Download Links:

    1. Download Xtraction - for new installations and upgrades of previous Xtraction versions
    2. Report Builder - for installing the Report Builder Windows application on workstation
    3. Data Model Editor - for installing the DME on workstations (instructions found in the attached Xtraction Upgrade Instructions document)


    Xtraction 2018.0 Documents & Instructions:


    Xtraction Administrator Guide

    Xtraction User Guide


    The attached documentation pack includes:

    • Import/Export Guide
    • Installation/Upgrade Guide
    • Known Issues
    • Partner Branding Process Guide


    The Data Model Editor Guide and Report Builder Guide are also available for download, separate from the Documentation Pack, below.



    Note: We recommend installing 2018.0 on a dev server prior to completing an upgrade of an existing installation.

    Note: Installing Xtraction on a Domain Controller is not supported.

    Note: Xtraction 2018 can be installed on the same server as Management Suite or Service Desk. If you wish to complete this please see the following article:

    Allowing Xtraction 2018.0 to be Installed on an LDMS/SD server