Xtraction 2017.1 Downloads & Instructions

Version 16

    Xtraction 2017.1 is available for customers and partners as of May 3rd, 2017


    This quarterly release encompasses


    New Features::

    • Ability to export Dashboards into a template
    • Ability to set the column width when exporting list components
    • Ability to configure additional ADO.Net Connectors in the Settings application
    • Ability to configure additional database support in the Settings application
    • Ability to refresh Dashboards every 5 seconds
    • Additional logging
    • Automatic reloading of data models and settings.
    • Initial Deployment of Workspaces UI
    • Repeating column headers on all pages when exporting components with header


    Download Links:

    1. Download Xtraction - for new installations and upgrades of previous Xtraction versions
    2. Report Builder - for installing the Report Builder Windows application on workstation
    3. Data Model Editor - for installing the DME on workstations (instructions found in the attached Xtraction Upgrade Instructions document)


    Xtraction 2017.1 Documents & Instructions:


    Xtraction Administrator Guide

    Xtraction User Guide


    The attached documentation pack includes:

    • Data Model Editor Guide
    • Import/Export Guide
    • Installation Guide
    • Installation Requirements
    • New Features Documentation
    • Partner Branding Process Guide
    • Report Builder Guide
    • Upgrade Guide


    Note: Installing Xtraction on a Domain Controller is not supported.

    Note: Xtraction cannot be installed on the same server as Management Suite or Service Desk.