Getting Started with Kaspersky AV 10 for Mac

Version 14

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    LANDESK Management Suite now includes Kaspersky AV 10 for MAC. For versioning requirements, please reference How To: Ensure AV Compatibility for macOS Sierra.


    The purpose of this document is to go over some of the features available in Kaspersky AV 10 for MAC with LANDESK.


    Kaspersky AV 10 for Mac comes with a complete redesign from the previous version, Kaspersky AV 8 for Mac:



    Agent Settings Configuration

    Configuration options are located under Tools > Configuration > Agent Settings > Security > LANDESK Antivirus - Mac.



    The Protection tab allows users to configure what Sub-Components are enabled when AV is installed on a Mac Client. The corresponding settings on the AV client can be found under Preferences.

    Preferences 2.png

    • File Anti-virus
      • Scans Open, Launched and Saved files on your computer and on all attached discs. Each file the user deals with is intercepted by a Kaspersky Lab product and scanned for viruses. The user can work with the file if the file is not infected or was successfully disinfected by a Kaspersky Lab product. If the file cannot be disinfected by some reasons, it is either deleted or quarantined.
    • Web Anti-virus
      • Blocks malicious programs that can reach your computer over the Internet. Before opening a web page or a file downloaded from the Web, Web Anti-virus will intercept and analyze the object. If the page or the file is safe, it can be opened it without noticing the whole process. If a harmful object is downloaded, Web Anti-Virus will block it and display a warning. (This is the default behavior. It can be changed in the Protection settings window).
    • Network Attack Blocker
      • Tracks inbound traffic activity for network attack signs. When Network Attack Blocker detects a network attack attempt, any network activity from the computer is blocked.

    Virus Scan

    Virus Scan.png

    • Full Scan - The following areas are scanned by default:
    • System memory
    • Programs loaded on startup
    • System backup
    • Email databases
    • Hard drives
    • Removable storage media and network drives
    • Quick Scan
      • Virus scan of critical areas: folders containing operating system files and libraries.



    • Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Malicious Tools
      • Configured by default. Essential AV protection (Cannot be disabled).
    • Adware
      • Advertising material displayed to the user.
    • Auto-Dialers
      • Malicious/Graphic material displayed to the user
    • Other Programs




    • "Pilot" Version Definition Files
      • Select this option if a specific group of Mac computers are to be used for "testing" on new definition files from Kaspersky. Pilot downloads are configured in the Download Updates tool:

             Download Updates.png

    • Download Location
    • Update Application Modules
      • If this option is selected, Clients running AV will download Application Updates as well as Vulnerability Updates. These include Application Vulnerabilities and Functionality Upgrades
    • Scheduled Tasks
      • Allows the custom configuration of Virus Definition updates run on the client.

          Schedule Updates.png

    Note: Since LANDESK handles the scheduling of Virus Definition Updates, Kaspersky UI will be set to "Manual." Updates will still take place.



    • Allows the modification and configuration of Reporting Information on Clients. When contacting support, it may be requested to log all events rather than just critical.
    • Trace Logs
      • Only enabled via the client. Used for troubleshooting with Kaspersky.



    • Allows the Enabling/Disabling of Notifications shown to the user.
    • Allows the option to Show/Hide the Kaspersky Application Icon in the menu bar.