How to collect logcat logs on Samsung Android Device

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    Verified Product Versions

    Android TE 2.0Velocity 1.0Velocity 2.0

    1. Get a PC, install java JDK and android SDK on it

    Java JDK download link: Java SE Development Kit 8 - Downloads

    Android SDK download link: Download Android Studio and SDK Tools | Android Studio


    2. On Samsung device, go to Settings - General - About Device, click on Build number multiple times (normally it's 7 times), it will show Developer Options, select USB Debugging under Developer Options


    3. Connect the Samsung device to the PC using USB, it will pop up a message Connected as a media device, click on the message, on the settings page select Connected as Media device (MTP).

    After this change, you should be able to see the samsung device on your PC.


    4. Find out the location of ...\android\android-sdk\platform-tools on the PC.


    5. Open CMD window, type in the command below

    cd ...\android\android-sdk\platform-tools

    please replace the real path of ...\android\android-sdk\platform-tools in your environment


    6. Run the command below it will show your samsung device

    adb devices


    7. Run the command below

    adb shell 


    8. Typing in the command below

    logcat -v time -f /sdcard/test1.log

    /sdcard/test1.log it's suggested to plugin SD card on the device, and specify the path with real sdcard path.


    9. Reproduce the issue


    10. Once the issue replicated, press Ctrl + C to stop capturing the log, and press Ctrl +D to exit adb shell mode


    11. Run command below to pull logs from device to PC:

    adb pull /sdcard/test1.log

    The log file will be shown under folder platform-tools



    Before collecting logcat for second time, please remember to manually delete test1.log on device and PC.