Velocity: Scan handler script not working in velocity with a Zebra / Datalogic / Honeywell Android Device

Version 3


    • Velocity client 1.2.101.x
    • Velocity console 1.2.101.x
    • Zebra / Datalogic / Honeywell Android Devices
    • Android KitKat and newer



    • Script that modifies scan is not working correctly




    • Verify script syntax


    • Verify that your script is linked to the session
      • Open Velocity Console
      • Open TE Project
      • Click on Scripts
      • Click on your script
      • Verify that "session" appears under the scope heading.
        • This means that you've correctly linked


    • Verify that you have set the scanner profile
      • Open Velocity Console
      • Open TE project
      • Click on host
      • Click on the Scanner option on the left
      • Verify that you have selected the correct Scanner Profile (matching the manufacturer of the device you are using)