How To: Gather Trace Log Files for LANDESK Antivirus (Mac)

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    At times an issue with LANDESK Antivirus may require more in-depth analysis and troubleshooting.  LANDESK engineers may request an application runtime trace files for troubleshooting such cases.

    These log files contain verbose information that can assist in finding the root cause of an issue.


    How to Generate Trace Logs

    From the home page of LANDESK AV for Mac, browse to Preferences > Reports and click Enable Trace Logs.


    Enable Trace Logs.png


    Quit and Restart LANDESK Antivirus for Mac.

    Close LDAV.png

    Reproduce the issue, then browse to the reports tab and click the box again to disable trace logs.


    Where to find the Generated Trace Logs

    Trace logs are located in the following folders:

    • Library/Logs/Kaspersky Lab/
    • /Users/<user_account_name>/Library/Logs/Kaspersky Lab/


    Sending Trace Logs to LANDESK Support

    Unless requested otherwise, the following steps should be taken to send the trace files to LANDESK Technical Support:

    • Compress the trace files into a .ZIP format with the filename (Where LANDESKCase# is the numerical LANDESK case number assigned to your incident)
    • Upload the .ZIP file from to ftp://[email protected]/
    • Inform the LANDESK Support Technician of the exact file name (please include case sensitivity if it differs from the recommendation above).