Unable to Install Xtraction on a Machine Configured With a Language Pack

Version 1


    When attempting to install Xtraction on to a server that is running a language pack the installer does not progress past "Installing Xtraction" as depicted in the screenshot below:

    Note: The below screenshot was taken from a Windows Server 2012 English machine running the Russian language pack.





    Unfortunately, Xtraction does not support a configuration where there is an English OS running with a language pack installed. The root cause of the issue is that the Xtraction installer sees the running language as that of the language pack and when it tries to add directory rights for the Network User group and the Administrators group, etc, it cannot locate these groups as within this configuration, the translation of those user groups doesn't function properly.


    As a workaround the OS language could be switched back to English and then the Xtraction installation can be launched and completed. Upon completion of the Xtraction installation the language pack could be implemented once again. Alternately you could install an OS based on the language you wish to run Windows in.