Using the UWM forums - Quickstart Guide

Version 4

    The AppSense forums are located at User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)


    If you've already been using the AppSense support portal you can use the same login for the community.  However if not already registered you will need to register for the site: Register here.



    • From the AppSense homepage if you search you will be searching all AppSense forum content.
    • If you are interested in just one product, select the product and then search.  This will pre-filter your search to just that product section.



    More on Navigating the Community & Product Pages - Video

    Posting a question


    • Lastly click into the Ask widget and type in your question.  The widget will search for previous questions on the same topic.
    • If none of these apply click Ask It and complete the details.  Click Post to post your question.


    More on How to ask a question and about discussions on the community - video


    How to help on the forums

    Please see our video How To: Help on the Forums - Video


    How to get points and badges

    Please see our points and badges area: Recognition


    How do I subscribe to get notifications or emails when posts are made?

    Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)