How to: Archive your LDMS Assets

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    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x

    Description: This document is intended to illustrate the method of using DA to archive your devices into Asset Control.




    1. First you need a query that identifies all of your machines that have not reported into the DB for X number of days


    2. Go into Data Analytics>Data Translation Services

      1. Expand “All Types>Archive Asset” and right click on “All Rules” and select “New Rule”


    3. Now you need to go through the configuration

      1. Name your rule and give it a description


                 b.Make sure to check the “Delete…”option to remove the device from the LDMS side then click “Finish”


    4. Now you need to give the rule a target of devices.

      1. Right click on your new rule and select “Set Targets”


              b.Now drill down into “Queries” and find the query created in step 1, and move it over into “Selected Devices”


              c. Once you have finished, you should see the rule look something like this; (Note the query is listedunder the “Targets” column)


    5. Now you just need to schedule the rule.


              a.Once scheduled, do not add devices to the task, as the devices will be set using the query. Your only target should be the Core Server;


              b. You would most likely want the scheduled task to run on a daily or weekly basis