SDaaS - How To Run Infoview Reports from WebAccess

Version 3


    This document gives information on how to find out the URL to be used to access reports published in InfoView.

    This allows reports to be run from WebAccess shortcuts.



    Find the Report ID

    Login to Infoview with customer provided login using the correct URL below:


    UK InfoView


    US InfoView


    • Browse to "My Favourites" shortcut and then click the folder you require, Live, Test etc.
    • Right click on the report you wish to publish and select Properties from the menu.
    • Note the ID from the ID, CUID attribute.
      • You just need the first number not the CUID data



    Generating the URL

    Using the correct server you can then use the details below to generate the required URL


    • Replace <reported> with the ID you noted from the report.
    • Replace <CustomerLogin> with the InfoView login name
    • Replace <CustomerPassword> with the Infoview password


    UK Report Link<reportid>&apsuser=<CustomerLogin>&apspassword=<CustomerPassword>&apsauthtype=enterprise


    UK report Link<reportid>&apsuser=<CustomerLogin>&apspassword=<CustomerPassword>&apsauthtype=enterprise